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OVER EASY team up with MiNDTRiX for summer hit Rosé featuring Ashley Mehta

The duo OVER EASY formally known as James Sullivan and Max Press. Along with producer MiNDTRiX (Marc Raziano), their newest edition to their arsenal of dance charting tracks, ‘Rosé,’ in collaboration with Ashley Mehta, the writer and vocalist of Over Easy’s breakthrough track,‘Don’t Know You.’

Rosé features a classic Over Easy sound with uplifting chords, catchy vocal chopping, and an incredibly high energy drop, that’s blended with MiNDTRiX’s soundscapes, lush keys, and compositions. This track is sure to make dance floors jump.Roséis a perfect blend of dance-pop roots but with a more aggressive production that will play perfect for the radio, club, or festival stage. With the main hook referencing the popular summer drink, Rosé is the perfect summertime release.


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