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LEFTI's Remix of Mark Picchiotti & Birdee's 'Party Life' Is A Must-Hear House Tune

Diving into the rhythm-filled world of house music, LEFTI is spinning tunes that are all about the spirit of the moment. His latest project is brilliant remix of "Party Life," bringing a fresh twist to the original crafted by Mark Picchiotti and Birdee. With the backing of Nervous Records, the original label the song was sign to, a cornerstone of NYC’s house music scene, this remix is set to blend warehouse vibes with funky bass, keeping the dance floor buzzing.

From a touring musician to a renowned DJ and producer, LEFTI's journey is all about musical evolution. Hooking up with big label names over the years, and even today, he’s showcasing his dynamic style and musical flair. Every measure in his music and bass line that comes forth has that distinct LEFTI vibe, catching the ear of house music lovers regionally and globally.

2021 was a turning point for LEFTI, with the launch of Quincy Boy Records. The quick rise of the label and the success of “Party People,” named "Track of the Week" on BBC Radio 1, highlights his ability to bring great ideas to life.

Getting nods from industry bigwigs like Calvin Harris, Fatboy Slim, and Don Diablo, and sharing the limelight with artists like MK and Dombresky, LEFTI’s tunes are hitting the right notes. This remix of "Party Life" offers a sneak peek into what’s next for LEFTI, encapsulating his varied and impressive journey, and showcasing the widespread support he’s receiving across the music scene.


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