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'Pharaoh's Gold Vol 1.' A Massive Step For Label Pharaoh Phonix

If you love house music or simply enjoy well-designed electronic music, look no further than what Thomas Xavier's label Pharaoh's Gold Vol 1. has brought to the attention of the greater electronic music scene.

Made up of 5 tracks from 4 artists, Pharaoh's Gold Vol 1. is one of the best introductions to the label if you have yet to get familiar with it. "I'm A Boss," is bad and bold with weighted bass and an easy to follow rhythm, a solo original from Thomas Xavier. "Say You Got Me," turns up the fun with pleasant grooves and an easy-to-love theme, black a.m. and Thomas Xavier tag teaming this one. "Up All Night," features Chomper, a name that has been on the label once before. Chomper goes all out with a wild-array of design ideas and sonic dealings. First-timer to the label, St. Sinny does not hold back via "H.E.R," putting forth what could be one of the most technically impressive of the group, highly cinematic and enjoyable, the compilation wouldn't feel the same without it. "P&B," is like a bass tune at a house tempo. ELEVATD and Thomas Xavier show off their styles fixated together and it shares a vibe no one could anticipated.

Pharaoh's Gold Vol 1. executes something that is more than anyone could of bargained for and then some. Pharaoh Phonix will have a long-lasting fanbase thanks to it's branding, it's musicians, and inviting atmosphere.


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