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Pharaoh Phonix Squad Returns With 2nd Compilation In 'Pharaoh's Gold Vol. 2'

Club life and house embracing label known as Pharaoh Phonix has been killing the game on many fronts in 2022, thanks to it's members. The label, owned and led by Thomas Xavier, has gone from 1 debut release dropped by Thomas Xavier himself to now being a diverse, multi-media experience featuring a ton of up and comers. With so much music and momentum surrounding the label, a compilation was in order to round things off and let more out in one go. Presenting: Pharaoh's Gold Vol. II

Featuring St. Sinny, Heily Beatz, Jet Blvck, and Thomas Xavier. Energized house is brought to life and pushed through a unique framework. Whether it be the g-house flavors like 'Get On My' puts out there or the dirtiness that 'Gangsta Level,' unleashes on listeners, there's power and pride that overflows from within this compilation.

Although the label is represented by it's many artists who are dotted all pharaoh-phonix-sqaud-returns-with-2nd-compilation-in-pharaoh-s-gold-vol-2around the USA, Mikwakee is where the movement was founded. On top of their online presence, regularly occurring showcases titled 'Pharaoh's Chamber' is how you can experience the aura of Pharaoh Phonix live, bringing in artists from the label to play out and often featuring the tasty sets of Thomas Xavier himself.

With tens of thousands of streams being attached to the releases signed to the label and support from press outlets like Dancing Astronaut and YourEDM, things are moving quickly. In a year's time, the sky is the limit as to how things develop and what positive changes may shape the experience.

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