top of page Drops Thought-Provoking EP With The Release of 'Prisms' On Lots Of Practice has returned and this time brought forth an EP she's calling Prisms. has often put on display a certain love for geometry in term of shapes and the joy this form of art can provide. We see her share this, alongside familiar soundscapes as well as new concepts, all under the umbrella of the Prisms EP.

Released on label Lots Of Practice. Prisms wastes no time getting in the weeds of what this is all about. "Cazimi," shares Arabic sensibilities as the thumped house drums help lead the way and push forward. It's the little details the bring the most pleasure with this single in particular, with lots of various points of discovery to be found.

"Crystalline," is now up. Featuring collaboration partner Hot Leather Disco, it's hard to escape a sense of retro in the structure of the production, along with a certain spiritual 'world house' angle here as well. This single is one of the most hypnotic and entrancing of them all.

"Equinox," shares many moods in one go, the various verses playing out like chapters in a book. The sound is very cinematic, and goes well alongside the right kind of video game, TV show or movie, it has that certain essence about it.

"Denver," is a bit more on the quieter side than the rest of the tracks, as well as more percussion friendly. It's trotting effects makes it easy to get into the experience as various effects sway in and out of audibility.

"Cancer Season," closes out Prisms EP, showering the listener with bounties of spine-tingling effects that all seems to have an ability to render relaxation within the mind and heart. The all-instrumental approach here - along with all the tracks on the EP - allow the personality of the effects used to have a deeper impact on those who listen.


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