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Quintino speaks about his touring life before solo ADE show

"My Ambition to deliver the best music and best shows is what drive me to success."

Quinten van den Berg, known as Quintino, has first started at the age of 18. With over 20 million streams and co-produced Afrojack's track "Selecta", his career rocketed since then.

Now launching his first ADE solo showcase, Quintino presents Bright Nights, and his upcoming album "Bright Nights", we sat down and discussed EPIC moments, work-life balance and touring life.

Read the full interview below.

What has been the most influential moment of your life/career so far that set you up for success as one of the biggest names in the music industry?

My track EPIC together with Sandro Silva. When #1 and platinum in my home country NL and many others. That really pushed my carrier to the next level also as many people saw it as the start of big room.

Has there been many times of failure that you have encountered? And How did/ do you learn from it?

Things don’t always go as planned but I try to understand why it didn’t work and implement solutions so they don’t happen again. What I learned is not to be afraid of it and keep trying and experimenting.

What are the daily habits that have been critical to your success?

I don’t know if I have specific daily habits, I think its more my mindset and making sure I have a good balance in everything. My ambition to deliver the best music and best shows is what drives me to success.

Where is your favorite city to perform around the world? What is in your mind when you met fans picking up you at the airport, holding your flat, wearing your merch?

That’s a hard one, there are so many great cities. Would be hard to just pick one, but if I have to would be an asian city like Bangkok, Hong Kong or Tokyo.

When fans come to airport and wait for sometimes hours because they don’t know which exact plane your on that just gives a really special feeling. Same seeing people buy your merch. and wearing it to a show. I try to create a family that based on positivity and music and to see people that want to be part of that is just the best feeling.

Being a music producer, the lifestyle on the road is certainly very different from that of someone working a 9-5. How do you balance your work with relaxation?

I love what I do, being able to travel the world, visit all these beautiful places and bring people joy in their lives with my music. But it can be very hard being away from home for weeks at a time, the constant pressure of having to deliver good music and shows and traveling up to 20-30 hours a week. I just try to have a good balance and make time for my friends & family and to rest in between tours.

Going on tour must be super exhausting. Wwhat was your most unforgettable moment that you have ever had?

I can remember a tour in Asia during rain season and we were already booked early flights because of possible delays. So I had a 4 show run Thursday till Sunday. Every night I had to do shows till 3-4pm but had to be at the airport at 7pm. Every day we had crazy 3-4hr delays due to storms and rain. So we almost didn’t sleep that whole tour. One of the days our plane even ended up landing in a totally different city because the airport of the city we needed to go was closed because of storms. After 4 hour delays and waiting for 2 hours on the plane in a different city we ended up arriving 1 hour before the show and we had to go straight to the club. Luckily we made it to all shows, but only slept for a couple hours that whole weekend.

Last but not least, what have you prepared for your fans in the last three months of 2019?

I’ve been working on my very first studio album called ‘Bright Nights’. Its been a long and hard journey of more than a year, but I really wanted to bring the best music and also show different sides of me. So we’ll have the big room bangers on the album but there will also be different genres on the album where I wanted to experiment and go a bit deeper and show a different side.


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