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rebelyay Shares Experimental New Gem “Danger On My Mind”

Representing - in his own words - “the entirety of an acid trip,” hyper-pop breakout star rebelyay is back with his latest single “Danger On My Mind.” Taking inspiration from pioneers of sound experimentation such as Bon Iver, Sophie, 100 Gecs and Flume, rebelyay is clearly crafting his own path. Bringing together impressive sound design and expert vocals, he is amplifying his introspective feelings of turmoil and happiness towards drugs and sobriety.

“Danger On My Mind” is yet another taste off rebelyay’s forthcoming debut album, filled with electronic, dancefloor-ready tunes, as well as more experimental pop songs. The perfect followup to “I Am Done” and “99%,” “Danger On My Mind” is a complex yet intricate sonic journey, driven by rattling hi-hats, distorted vocals and gritty glitches.

“The title “Danger On My Mind” represents my thoughts during trips and how I’ve faced past traumas that came up a lot during trips that I’ve had. But through that I’ve had some “divine intervention” and a lot has changed from those experiences,” explains rebelyay.


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