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Record Club Drops Two Epic Tunes In 'After Dark' and 'Made Me Do It'

Putting out a stunning, intense electro-house/big-room sound is Record Club via their two releases in "After Dark," and "Made Me Do It." Both tracks have connective tissue between them that make them feel apart of the broader Record Club sound, but each have plenty of distinctive elements that very much make them their own thing.

Considering the big-room master has himself returned since Ultra Miami 2022, their sound is fitting and relevant as ever, the two putting a sick twist on the sound in which so many love and cherish around the world.

The duo is made up of Alex and Dan, a brother duo who put their heart and soul into anything they do. Considering their major focus in life is making Record Club the best it can be, it's no wonder things have been as great as they have been lately for the duo. Past releases like "We Don't Care," and "Burning Room," have received acclaim from influential tastemakers and curators within the scene, now "After Dark," and "Made Me Do It," is set for a similar type of fate.

Dive into what Record Club puts out there and be apart of a movement that comes from an integral place.


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