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Nate Mars Expands The Theme Of 'In Time' EP With Official Remixes Including Liondub, Tim Reaper, Starkey & An Original

Nate Mars is stirring up the electronic music scene with his newest offering, In Time (Remixes). This isn't just a remix album; it's a creative journey through Mars' "In Time EP," reimagined by the likes of Liondub, Tim Reaper, and Starkey, and it's all tied together with a brand-new original track, "Parallelogram."

Kicking things off, Liondub's take on "In Time" sets the stage. This remix is all about seamless drum and bass rhythms that are both fresh and uplifting. It's a fresh take that pays homage to the track's roots while giving it a modern twist.

Tim Reaper's remix of "Starting Over" is next. He's got a knack for the technical side of things, and it shows. The focus here is on breaks and minimalistic vocal elements that nod incapsulate a classic jungle sound. It's a clever blend of old-school vibes and contemporary imagination.

Then there's Starkey's remix of "To Kill A DJ." Here, we get a fusion of dub/reggae with UKG elements, creating a sound that's both intriguing and dynamic. This remix is a journey in itself, mixing nostalgic tones with a forward-looking approach.

And let's not forget Mars' own addition, "Parallelogram." This track is a showcase of Mars' talent in drum and bass/UKG. It's packed with metallic percussion, quick breaks, and deep basslines – keeping you engaged from start to finish. In Time (Remixes) is a coming-together of friends, great sounds, and time-testing imagination built into production.


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