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Return of Tom Swoon soon?

The whole industry has been in a state of confusion since February this year due to a new release from the Polish DJ and Producer , Tom Swoon.

After rocketing his pressence onto the scene and has ranked as #47 in the DJ Mag Top 100 in 2017, the DJ was sentenced to a four years and eight months in prison after pledging guilty to manslaughter in 2018. The sentencing followed a fatal drunk driving accident in December 2017 in which Tom killed one person and injured another as well.

No one was expecting new music from this Polish DJ anytime soon but 'Hey Hey, My My' was released in mid-February, confused many fans as a lot of us have questioned "How on Earth is he able to release music?" After seeing the track appearing in our Release Radar playlist on Spotify again, we've listened to the track a few times and can conclude that it features melancholic lyrics that perfectly reflect on his current life.

You may check some of Tom's hightlights below:

We do hope that Tom is reflecting on himself on what he has done wrong - and would contribute more good music to the industry once hes out.


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