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Rialians On Earth Drops Stunning Live Set for Ibiza Global Radio & Cafe De Anatolia

Having already released a handful of albums, Nickarth a.k.a Rialians On Earth is one of the fastest rising names in ethnic and oriental electronic music, supported  by his amazing record label and collective Cafe De Anatolia. The style of the label is self-dubbed as “the mysterious sound that touches the spirit of the Orient and everything connected with it,” while their mission is to spread awareness about the importance of spiritual music in everyday life. 

Now, fresh out of quarantine, Rialians On Earth has released a stunning live set for Ibiza Global Radio & Cafe De Anatolia, filmed at the amazing location of Lesnovo Monastery in North Macedonia. Throughout the 50 minutes of the mesmerising slow-motion set, that was filmed with a drone, Rialians On Earth performs stunning music that takes listeners on a spiritual journey. 

“Thank you guys for the constant support given. This mix means a lot to me. Quarantine was really tough for all of us but we can only learn from it. I had this set for a long time (almost a year, probably since last June) in my car and that is where I spent most of my time, wandering on to the road only to get inspired and write more music. One thing I find out is that home is where all the travelers stop. I am more than blessed to be part of Cafe De Anatolia and their community,” said Rialians On Earth. 


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