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Rich Furniss Teams Up With LEFTI For Captivating House Single, 'You Made It'

New York City is the home to countless amateurs and professionals in the music industry. It can often be difficult to stand out and make a name for oneself in such a concentrated and highly talented community. However, artists Rich Furniss and LEFTI have broken through the seam to become top-tier names in the NYC house spectrum.

Showing why they deserve the recognition they have received, Rich and LEFTI have joined forces with Amazonian Rockstar on their new single, "You Made It". Speaking on the collaboration, Rich recalls, "writing this song with Nicki (Amazonian Rockstar) was magical, we sat and just talked about where we were in life. When she came back with the lyrics and vocals, I knew this would be a hit. I had to bring in my long-time brother LEFTI to take this song to the next level. I hope this song takes listeners on the same journey it took me on."

Making Rich's hopes a reality, "You Made It" packs a punch of house infused with disco.

Layered with crisp drums and a lively bassline, the track aims to be a house heater that withstands the test of time. Highlighting each of the artists' unique skill sets and creativity, "You Made It" foreshadows a promising road ahead for Rich, LEFTI, and Amazonian Rockstar.


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