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RIELL Drops Fresh Album Single With “Over The Edge” Feat. Conch

One of the most in-demand vocalists in the electronic music scene right now, Canadian artist RIELL is not showing any signs of slowing down this year. Following explosive NCS release “Daylight” with producers Heuse and WOLFHOWL, the singer/songwriter is back with yet another single off her debut album PARADISE, enlisting fellow rapper Conch for “Over The Edge”. 

A stunning dream-pop gem, “Over The Edge” comes out fully dominated by heavenly production and RIELL’s amazing voice. Soft synth beds and trappy percussion drive the instrumental, while Conch’s verse breaks up the energy towards the second half, before RIELL offers a breathtaking final climax with her emphatic vocal performance. 

“‘Over the Edge’ is about the moment when time seems to slow down right before everything explodes. It's that feeling of being underwater where everything is muffled right before you get hit again with reality. The music video was created to show this fluidity and suspension as if you're floating,” revealed RIELL. 


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