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RL Grime Halloween VIII

Happy EDM Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year….RL Grime just went RL Stine on us and dropped his 8th Halloween mix. In just 3 hours, he has amassed over 80k streams on his hour-long mix. The biggest surprise of this mix is the intro by none other than Guy Fieri! He calls the mix “spicy” and ends out his statement with “love, peace, and taco grease.” Way to make us all hungry Guy. 

While the tracklist has not yet been posted, we can confirm via Twitter and Soundcloud that Lick, Whipped Cream, Hex Cougar, Juelz, Skeler, and Gessafelstein all have IDs in this mix. Unconfirmed artists include Whethan, Holly, Skrillex, Troyboi, as well as many others! 

Here at WEDM, we don’t want to spoil this mix for you. Please listen and enjoy for yourself. Love, Peace, and Taco Grease. Link below:


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