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Rubayne Showcases His Artistic Progression On Debut EP “Get Together”

Boasting a sound that is self-dubbed as inflicting a “Positive, Encouraging, Energetic and Cool” atmosphere, Dutch producer Rubayne is without a doubt one to watch. With releases on labels such as Lowly, Gemstone, Killabite, Magic Records and many more, as well as an array of talented vocalists at his disposal, Rubayne is consistently able to become the mastermind behind exciting sonic gems, that masterfully blend electronic music with pop, hip-hop, R&B and more.

Just recently, Rubayne shared “Trail Of Broken Hearts” alongside B Sims, an explosive R&B/Future Bass combination that teased the release of his debut EP Get Together, which is finally out via independent release. The full 5-track project without a doubt makes up for the most ambitious release Rubayne has ever orchestrated, and is a perfect showcase of his sound, driven by insanely catchy hooks, unorthodox arrangements, and vibrant instrumentation that never fails to surprise.


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