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Seanyy Drops Bouncy New Single “Memories”

Following up on his latest single “Be Like That,” Seanyy has returned to deliver yet another uplifting house gem, releasing “Memories” via his own imprint Swerve Collective Creations. Gearing up for his debut EP, slated for release later this year, Seanyy is working tirelessly towards making his dreams a reality, something that has resulted in an outpouring of positive reviews from a number of acclaimed digital publications. 

“Memories” is undoubtedly one of Seanyy’s brightest singles to date. Allowing him to showcase his production skills once again, it’s a lighthearted future house song filled with bright melodies and an infectious topline, elements that lead to an uplifting and anthemic drop perfectly. 

"Being an Active Duty Army Officer, it's often challenging to find time to sit down in my home studio and make music,” reveals Seanyy. “Continually, it's disheartening to see my peers excel in sound design and other advanced levels of production. I know being critical of your own music is just part of being a producer, but having a relatively demanding full time job definitely does not help my cause. So, to make up for the lost time, I sometimes hit up some producer friends for lessons. Euan Allison (MAGNUS) and Jesper Jonth (Jonth) are two of my good friends that I've met through music, who I often turn to for feedback and advice. This track was born directly from a lesson I hired Jonth to give me on lead layering. He helped guide me through the mixdown and that is primarily the reason why the drop hits as hard as it does.”


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