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Sistek Shares New Single "More Than Over" With Jordan Shaw

Having performed at prestigious festivals such as Lollapalooza Chile and Creamfields, as well as amassed a legion of fans patiently waiting for his tasteful songs to drop, Sistek is undoubtedly doing something right. The Chilean artist is always opting for quality over quantity, and his latest single "More Than Over," featuring a stunning topline from singer/songwriter Jordan Shaw definitely proves that.  A radio-ready electronic-pop gem "More Than Over" is arguably one of Sistek's best tunes to date. Smooth guitar licks and organic percussion kick off the tune under Jordan Shaw's infectious songwriting, while the choruses and drops perfectly display Sistek's immense production ability.  "Jordan is a super talented writer and singer and I'm so happy to work with him," says Sistek. "We were introduced by Ashley Revill (MrRevillz) last year in Stockholm, and quickly connected. We never managed to get into a studio together but got this song done bouncing it back and forth via email. Lyrically, I think "More Than Over" feels like an inner monologue or something you would drunk-text your ex at 3 am. The conversational aspect of the verses is what hooked me right in on the first listen, since it feels so raw and honest." 


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