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SKUM Drop Explosive New Single “Dreams”

Based in Stockhom, SKUM are crafting some of the most intricate melodic bass music out there, slowly-but-surely establishing themselves within the electronic music scene. Undoubtedly standing out in the current landscape of EDM, the duo started its journey back in 2018 and has released with a number of established labels, such as Lacuna, Adept Records, Monstercat, and Tribal Trap, as well as officially remixed the likes of Lookas, Coopex and more.

Now, SKUM are back with an exciting new single, crafting explosive vibes on “Dreams”. Their 6th release this year, “Dreams” brings together everything we love about SKUM. A breathtaking vocal shines in the intro with the help of cinematic atmospheres, while the drop brings forth epic melodies and gritty bass stabs in a fascinating way


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