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SM1LO's 'Blow My Horn,' Hits With An Infectious Upbeat Power

Hold on to your hats, SM1LO's single "Blow My Horn," will blow your expectations out of the water with exquisite production at the core. The dynamic duo have cobbled together a solid club friendly experience that comes packed with energy as much as it does personality. A vibe of gettin' it and living your best life is a quickly sensed mantra, adding fuel to the feeling this is a tune primed for the dancefloor.

Blaring brass horns in the drop peak the energy that had been gradually escalating from the first moments of hitting play, pure joy raining down as the melodic aesthetics of what's happening fall into catchy positions.

Garnering support from names like The Chainsmokers, Matoma, Nervo, Morgan Page, and others, SM1LO has worked and continues to work hard to get to where they are today.


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