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Sovereign Records Releases Dancefloor-Ready New Compilation Album

Cutting-edge music label Sovereign Records has been at the forefront of dance music for some time now, playing a vital role in the careers of some of the EDM scene’s brightest rising superstars. Founded by a collective of music industry veterans, the forward-thinking label uses progressive and internet-based approaches to help its artists cut through the noise, without ever compromising their artistic vision.

Now, the label has finally shared its debut compilation Sovereign Collection Volume 1, bringing together 10 high-calibre tracks ready to tear up any dancefloor throughout the summer. The songs have been carefully selected as to fit any type of event and party, resulting in an eclectic mix of sounds that is bound to please all types of music lovers, and cater to the taste of any DJ. High Card, Mariline, Hidde van Way and many more are among the talents featured on Sovereign Collection Volume 1, as well as young pioneer Brenton Mattheus, whose impressive remixes have been catching the attention of fans since he was a teenager.


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