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Start Speeding with Ninski, COOL KICKS and Nino Lucarelli

"I swear to God you drive me crazy. Don't hit the brakes on me, no way babe; I love it when you're hiding with me, never missing a beat. Hell yea we're speeding." (Lyrics)

The Croatian producer and songwriter - Ninksi has been creating music for countless artists, had explored a distinctive sound for himself during his time in London. Meeting COOL KICKS and Nino Lucarelli in their studios in London, they immediately put forward the concept of 'Speeding' where it demonstrates the fast-paced beats, expressing the mood most people have speeding on the highway or the countryside. You'll definitely feel the mood once you play this chill-house tune:

The track connected Ninski's unique concept, COOL KICKS' authentic sound and Nino Lucarelli's soothing yet energetic vocal, taking all the listeners onto a highway trip that simultaneously feels chilled-out.


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