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'Study: Buttercream Bookworm' Puts Together A Chill Lo-Fi Compilation Pulled From 3 Unique Talents

If you like lo-fi vibes and all-around on-point study music, label INTRASET has got you covered with their Study: Buttercream Bookworm compilation. The collection contains 10-tracks in all, a well-balanced amount of a features which gives a fulfilling sense of what the soundscape at hand is all about, while leaving you wanting more at the same time.

Letsko, Teset and Maxina are the 3 acts that were compiled to make this track a possibility, each of them getting a well-deserved amount of limelight with no one artist overshadowing the other thought the process.

Personal favorites were "Katabatic," by Teset. The vibe transports you to a cloudy, alluring place where the rest of the world fades away for a moment. Simple and minimal while trippy and ambient. Another is "Dozen," by Letsko, which showcases a more funk-filled groove. Live guitar and drums mixed with electronic elements united to give a true modern lo-fi feel which so many crave today.

There's plenty to sift through and odds are you will find something that speaks to the soul across the 10-songs. Label INTRASET clearly did some meticulous curation to make this project come to life. Expect more good things from both the artist and label soon.


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