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SVDKO Sings For The First Time On Exciting New Single “Wild”

Trying out new sounds and experimenting with different genres may be difficult for a lot of artists, yet SVDKO’s catalog and artistic progression tell a completely different story. Based in Belgium, the producer and guitarist has been consistently displaying his versatility and talent over the past years, pulling inspiration from different corners of the musical spectrum in order to craft his vibrant sound.

In yet another bold decision, SVDKO’s latest single “Wild” features the artist himself on the vocals, debuting what might become the standard for his releases down the line. Breaking out of his comfort zone, SVDKO lays down a smooth yet energetic vocal delivery over a guitar-driven instrumental, that features his signature riffs over a hard-hitting beat.

“’Wild’ is my first ever dance song featuring my own vocals,” says SVDKO. “I’ve been inspired by the freedom that I’m finally able to witness in my life; I just want to live my life to the fullest and it really makes me feel Wild. This song definitely has a summer vibe to it with its vintage sound and electric guitars, and listening to it already makes me nostalgic since the summer is gone.”


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