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Swerve Collective Creations Delivers Infectious EP, 'Swerve Miami Sampler '23'

Turning his vision into reality, Sean Danielczyk is the mind behind Swerve Collective Creations. This collective of labels also encompasses its Swerve Radio station, while aiming to push the potential of electronic music. Showcasing a thrilling selection of rising artists, Swerve Collective Creations is back with a brand-new EP, Swerve Miami Sampler ‘23.

Centered around house music, this compilation consists of four unique tracks, taking listeners on an energetic auditory adventure. Pejt and Lianju link up on the first song, "Ladies & Gentlemen", which embodies a driving techy bassline that is primed for the dance floor. This is followed by "Okay" from producer Aitor Hertz, a seamless mixture of future bass and bass house. The third song on Swerve Miami Sampler ‘23 is "Show" by Seanyy, Sean Danielczyk's artist alias, and Bad Habits. Then Mave and Langhoff close out the EP with mesmerizing vocals and hypnotic drops in "Midnight".

Whether you are going for a long drive or hitting the club, Swerve Miami Sampler ‘23 is a great choice to set the mood. Released during Miami Music Week, the project is an exciting look at what Swerve Collective Creations plans to bring to the table this year.


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