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Releasing On INTRASET, Teset Makes Their Introduction With Colorful Ambient Single 'Stapler'

Springing onto the scene with quick veracity, Teset is bringing an intriguing new sound to the masses through their gradual rollout of Engress EP. Many singles deep already, "Stapler," is the next step in the campaign that is helping unravel what this is all about. After the click of the play button, computerized drum work and a light ringing begins to set the tone. A seemingly cyberpunk atmosphere begins to take over, making one feel like a imaginary Tron character riding along rows and rows of a microprocessor. Exotic at specific periods and technology-driven at others, Teset travels those who listen through a cultural, space-aged instrumental filled with ambience and personality.

Released on INTRASET, Teset has already passed the million streams mark on one single and has a total of 4 tracks which have picked up momentum post hitting public platforms. With little promotion and content being able to be discovered online, a quick look at their Spotify profile shows the music has been noticed by Spotify Editors, thus reaching one of the best organic audiences that artists can get in front of today.

Teset's releases on INTRASET marks lots of strategic chance-taking rewarded by genuine hallmarks of success, the volume of songs and general activity playing as a positive in the content-driven popular culture era that we are in.


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