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The FifthGuys, Biometrix And Lost Identities Team Up For Energetic Single “Shock Therapy”

When three names such as The FifthGuys, Biometrix, And Lost Identities collide on a release, the result is bound to be stunning. Each of the three names has been on fire this year, having released more than a handful of singles on established labels such as Nightblue Music, Lowly., Electronic Records, Tribal Trap and more, amassing millions of collective plays on digital platforms; a direct result of their hard work ethic and talent. 

Now, The FifthGuys, Biometrix, And Lost Identities combine their strengths for a fresh, independent release with “Shock Therapy”, a surprising, high energy vibe. Dominated by impactful vocals and breathtaking electric guitar melodies early on, “Shock Therapy” is an absolute attention-grabber right from the start. The song’s energy builds up organically while the drop approaches, which explodes into a series of distorted synths and glitchy effects, a perfect bridge between electro and trap. 


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