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TheFatRat and K-Pop star AleXa align to smash their genre-blending single “Rule The World

The summer is finishing out strong for TheFatRat with his new single “Rule The World”, punctuated with a vocal feature from AleXa, possibly K-Pop’s most exciting breakout artist. After receiving one of the biggest musical Awards in Korea, Soribada Best K-Music Awards, AleXa has continued to raise expectations ever since her multilingual K-Pop debut song “Bomb” reaching #7 on Billboard’s “World Digital Song Sales” chart and receiving over 16 million views on YouTube.

TheFatRat and AleXa’s respective styles combine to form an alliance of epic proportions, showcasing the unification of their two cyber universes and musical atmospheres. "It was beyond amazing to work with a producer that shares a similar creative vision and to witness TheFatRat’s incredible tenacity and unique style first hand”, states AleXa.

“Rule The World” is a genre-breaking inclusion of three key musical styles: the explosive Melodic Glitch Hop TheFatRat pioneered, combined with the global grandeur of K-Pop, in addition to an ethereal and powerful musical presence that TheFatRat admits was influenced by the songs of ABBA. “I had been listening to ABBA a lot while I wrote “Rule the World” and their songwriting techniques definitely rubbed off onto the overall vibes of the track.”

The song immediately sweeps you into its triumphant tempo, crowded by AleXa’s “Rule The World” chants and a tenacious stomp-clap pulse, followed closely by a dynamic set of bass and snares that vitalize the feelings of achieving your goals. The synthesized sounds build with anticipation for the next drop, keeping listeners transfixed by the airy, yet fearless vocals of AleXa that carry the empowering lyrics of being able to overcome obstacles and make huge accomplishments in life when you have an encouraging partner by your side.

“I'm a firm believer that the right partner can make all the difference and bring out the best in you,” says TheFatRat. “Together you feel like you’re strong enough to conquer and rule the world.”


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