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"They're playing the worst music I've heard all decade." - Deadmau5

Deadmau5 is never a fan of DJs who talk too much (or even talk) in their set, and this time, he lashes out to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike due to them talking too much on the mic.

Dreamfields Mexico Festival took place this weekend, featuring Martin Garrix, KSHMR and many more. Deadmau5' side project Testpilot and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike could also be found amonst all these headliners, leaving Joel speaking out of how he feels on the number one DJ Belgium Duo.

Joel shared his view and thoughts regarding DVLM's way of performing through Reddit, and simply told them to "seriously Shut the F* Up", He also called their music "the worst f* music I've heard all decade". Hmm..We wonder how this will go along with these 3 soon.

Hours later, Joel attempted to get away with his comments on the Belgium Duo claiming himself "semi-drunk".

Now, let us all sit back, relax and wait for the #1 DJ to respond. No matter they will or not, one thing for sure, that we wont be expecting collab between these 3 anytime soon.


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