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Thomas Xavier "Ballin'" A Strong Start To What Is Set To Be An Epic EP

Thomas Xavier has been one active artist in 2021. He's following up Go To Church EP with a continuation of his G-house sound. "Ballin'" is the first single off his next EP, his second, where Xavier lets in more of the groovy glory we've recently heard. The track get's down right dirty, articulating a bit more technicality this time around than in past releases which undeniably strengthens the flow. Well-panned, popping percussion circles a bassline that acts a middle-ground for the experience of the track. A low-pitched sample enhances the already prominent club-familiarity this one carries - a quick build up ensues and a drop comes forth, exaggerating many of the music notations that the momentum had been building on just before.

Thomas Xavier started out a few short months ago and is now opening for acts like Golf Clap and BIJOU in major cities within the USA. His stream count has shot up significantly as labels like iamrecords and User Friendly lap up the buttery-but-power-stricken vibes he keeps reformatting in a fresh, original manner.

“With Pussy on a Pedestal we dive into a world of upbeat house vibes, focused around the power of the female form. The EP has an energy from my heart that I wanted to share with the dance floor, as we all heal & get back to our music community.” - Thomas Xavier


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