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Tim Clark Embraces Future Rave With Epic Single & Video 'Wake Up'

Tim Clark is a veteran DJ/producer who has years of experience in the game and isn't afraid to show it. "Wake Up," is his 3rd release, following up "Encounter," and "Can't Sing." Listening to the collection that is currently present, his signature sound is starting to become defined - who Tim Clark is, now becoming more clear.

Within "Wake Up," powerful vocals meet with a future rave beat to create a concoction of electronic music that's easy to return to time after time. From the punchy basslines to the anthemic arrangement of the track, Tim Clark takes you on a ride that you won't soon forget.

Jessica Zenzen is the vocalist behind the single, who helps shape the festival-friendly atmosphere that this single embraces. Within the drops, heavy, wobbly synths come flying at one's senses without mercy - ensuring the impression that is meant to be bestowed upon you is made.

Tim Clark built up his name through the art of DJing for over 2 years. Having traveled the world and having achieved many high-points in the electronic-friendly city of Las Vegas - the man felt the moment was right to make a pivot toward. Today, we have a modern feel attached to the Tim Clark name. From the videos, to the branding, sound, and more, the man is primed for great things and is clearly putting his all into it.

This is far from his last release and a winner of a single at that, listen and see the release in full below.


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