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Who Is LILO? The Mysterious Octopus Returns With “Stolen Dance” Cover

Having already released a handful of tracks, mysterious octopus LILO has returned with yet another dance gem. Not much is known about the South Korean producer behind the project, yet he is clearly doing something right, with his inclination for secrecy only resulting in more intrigue from the masses and major industry players such as ThisSongIsSick, YourEDM, EARMILK, and more. His debut cover of Kylie Minogue’s hit song “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” has amassed over 500k streams in less than 8 weeks, a success that he followed up by joining forces with exciting producer Ricky Retro for a high-energy remix of 2pac’s “Still Ballin.” 

Despite being shrouded in mystery and only bursting into the scene recently, LILO is laying the blueprint for an exciting legacy, and his latest cover proves why. Taking on Milky Chance’s infectious hit “Stolen Dance,” that was released back in 2013, LILO brings together hard bass, groovy drums, and contagious vocal lines, creating an anthemic dance vibe. Keep your eyes on LILO, because this is certainly not the last time he’s taking the spotlight. 


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