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Will Sparks Goes All Out On Massive Album Release 'Accepted Concept'

Accepted Concept, the new album from Will Sparks and releasing on his label CLUBWRK is shaping up to be peak moment for the A-list DJ/producer.

One couldn’t overlook the clever marketing game with Sparks' single "Blow Your Mind" earlier this year. Those cryptic dates on its artwork acted as breadcrumbs, charting the path to this much-anticipated album - bringing forth something fun and different to his fans.

The album's title itself isn't a frivolous pick. It’s a bridge to the past, nodding to Sparks' earliest trysts with music in the vibrant 2010s. But beyond its sentimental value, the title symbolizes the album’s essence: an acceptance and amalgamation of diverse musical threads, both old and new. Each track is poised to be a chapter, narrating tales from the vast spectrum of electronic dance.

Navigating through the album’s soundscape, listeners are treated to a multi-faceted experience. There's the eagerly awaited "The Chant" and "Break The Walls," odes to Sparks’ illustrious legacy. But the album also ventures into uncharted territories, with tracks like "Paranoid," marking Sparks' collaboration with JDG, pointing to the future directions of dance music.

Only after immersing oneself in this album can you truly appreciate the genius behind it, which in this case is Will Sparks. The Aussie namestay, though known for his collaborations with titans like Steve Aoki and Hardwell, has outdone himself with this album.


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