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Yamato Unveils 'Essentials' EP Showcasing Thrilling Energy Within

Japanese artist known as Yamato is making a big splash with his release Essentials EP. Having spent much of his music career focusing on the DJing side of his career, Yamato has dedicated himself to strengthening the production end of his career which brings about more of a balance to his aura overall. Within the EP, each song is far different from the other. Keeping that in mind, there is a common arc that can be felt across the whole album.

"Essential," fires off the energy filled EP with upbeat rhythms and a pop groove. Piano inclusions and a charming arrangement all plays a role with making this opening track stick.

"Reflection," shifts the direction with rap verses and electro-inspired synth work. With this one, there's plenty of power and hard-hitting moments. Though, there's a certain smoothness that can be felt as well.

"You," is a solo original featured on the album. For this track, it's the most ominous feeling among all the tracks on the list. Easy to dance to and plenty of fun details within, this song is winner all around.

"Neon Lights," finishes things out with a nice blend of electronic aspects along with traditional instruments. A bit of rock brought in through electric guitar inclusion, an anthemic nature is brought out, which hits the spot very well.


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