PR & Spotify Services

Press Placements - We work with talent and their respective team on campaigns that maximise global impact of single, remix, EP and album delivery. Plan in advance of release date to secure premiers, interviews and blogs. We also charge lower than the market price, with guaranteed "Refund if no results".

Spotify Promotion - Close relationship with Individual Spotify Curators allow us to promote your song in order to maximise the reaches and exposure. Boosting fan base, reaching new people and get noticed in the Industry. Royalties Eligible!

Tiktok & Social Media Campaign - Either you are an artist or music label, we are here to help. Influencers marketing campaigncan boost your popularity. Close relationship with tiktokers and huge social media platforms and private groups allow us to guarantee placement on your song.

Playlists Results below:

Playlist pitched and accepted by Marshmello, Afrojack, Jauz, Skidope, Pink Panda

Recent Campaign for Yaman

Mission & Central Thoughts  

"Assist and Help Uprising artists and to create a positive culture around the industry. Everyone's potential should not be limited. We fully understand your struggle, and we are here to help."

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