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We work with talent and their respective team on campaigns that maximise global impact of single, remix, EP and album delivery. Plan in advance of release date to secure premiers, interviews and blogs. We also charge lower than the market price, with guaranteed "Full Refund if no results".

How We Work

How We Work


Plan in advance of release date to aim for multi-territory global strategy development. We listen, we communicate and understand artists' needs. We can also tailor-made a completely brand new plan, work collaboratively along with existing in-house teams or even other partners to deliver the best

How We Work


Connection is key; Making new connections are easy, keep them are the hardest part - this is what we are good at. We guarantee results to our artists and clients on blogs placements, and secure placements weeks before the release to avoid any last-minute trouble. 

How We Work


We create and tell stories of the artists to the world. Not only through music, but our writers are expert in telling stories and getting them heard, through our media partners and gigantic platform within the Industry.

Most Recent Campaign & Testimonial

'Just Friends' undoubtedly brings together the best of both artists' worlds. Yaman offers sharp production and energetic drops, leaning into a slightly more melodic direction in comparison to his recent releases. Robbie Rosen on the other hand, compliments the producer's infectious production with timeless, pop songwriting and melodies, delivering a heavenly vocal performance that leads into a bass-driven yet quirky climax.

Featured by Dancing Astronauts, YourEDM,, EDMSauce, MusicCrowns and CULTR.

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