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$43million Emergency Funds for Songwriters by GEMA

The Music Industry is certainly going through hard times due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and GEMA is stepping up its game to help producers and composers worldwide.

According to Grammy's website, GEMA's $43million will be provided in a two-stage program, with the first wave given to composers and lyricists who also act as performers, a way of addressing financial difficulties due to cancellation of live concerts or shows. The Fund's second stage will provide financial support to individual hardship cases among its songwriters.

"It is already foreseeable that the economic consequences of the corona pandemic will be devastating for the entire creative industry. GEMA will use all available means to support its existentially threatened members as best [we can] to cushion the economically catastrophic effects for our customers." Said the organisation's CEO, Dr. Harald Heker.

Now, check out below how does GEMA work:


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