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Action Paxton And Kung Fu Vampire Team Up For Massive Bass Gem “5AM”

Two artists of massive caliber, Action Paxton and Kung Fu Vampire, have just teamed up to deliver a face-melting bass collaboration with “5AM.” The two bass mainstays have been active in the scene for a long time now, boasting extremely busy touring schedules, while setting up collaborations with some of the industry’s greatest. Action Paxton has played Burning Man every year between 2008 and 2019, and his festival credits include Outsidelands, Oregon Eclipse Festival, World Orisa Festival, SOFA Fest, while Kung Fu Vampire has done 17 tours since 2010, spanning hundreds of venues.

“Think back to the wildest night of your life… that’s ‘5AM,’” says Action Paxton about the fresh single, something that couldn’t be a better representation of it. A haunting collaboration that packs in a lot of punch and finesse, “5AM” is filled with thumping kicks, intoxicating vocals and impressive sound design; sinister rap verses intertwine with massive drops perfectly, making this tune a true festival and nightclub weapon.


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