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American Scream, An October 29th Halloween Event Hosting Borgeous, Cedric Gervais and LODATO

BTA Events has created a space that is simply the spot to be October 29th, kicking off Halloween Weekend.

They have teamed up with the American Dream complex and Nickelodeon Theme Park to help lay the ground work for the 1 day event: American Scream.

American Scream is a music event that will feature 3 headlining acts Borgeous, Cedric Gervais and LODATO. All 3 names have released on Spinnin' Records, have some serious music talent under their belt, and know how to slay the game on stage.

The event will be held in the American Dream complex which is in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Tickets for the events are sold here, grab yours before it sells out!

Nickelodeon Theme Park is the biggest indoor theme park in North America, the grounds branding the park with cues that will quickly remind event-goers of their favorite television characters they know and love featured on the network.

Roller Coasters, plenty of amusements, costumes, scares, an EDM show, and more are all colliding under one mammoth space to generate an event that simply cannot be missed out on.

If you are in the New England area or simply have the budget to travel domestically or internationally, do not miss what American Scream and what Borgeous, Cedric Gervais and LODATO have in store for this very special night.


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