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AZRA unveils Ballad-pop single Turn Me On

"Its all about shutting out all the noise in order to authentically connect with each other. To Turn me On, you have to do the opposite and turn everything off." AZRA elaborated.

The track starts with a calming intro letting people guess what's coming next. At 00:33 the track's atmosphere rocketed and instantly catch people's interest on listening to the whole song. 'Turn Me On' is a follows-up after AZRA's previous release 'Hell & Back' - a song that is a passionate ballad-pop belter about confronting oneself or someone from being distracted and instead investing in what's most important. Check it out:

The Korean-American Singer-songwriter, has been voted as a Grammy Next Artist, is a multi-faceted force of nature. AZRA has been influenced by musical artists such as Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Whitney Houston and many more, always create her music authentically and always in her own unconventional way. Her music is mission-driven and inspirational, with infectious melodies and uplifting hooks.

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