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BEAUZ Teaches Us Goodbye To The Haters, "Sayonara"!

BEAUZ makes their major label debut - but with an educational touch.

Known worldwide for their catchy Pop-EDM crossovers and uplifting melodies, BEAUZ has accumulated millions of views on platforms small and large.

Even across the globe in China, where YouTube and Spotify are legally banned, the USC and UC Berkeley alum have crossed the 100 million stream threshold on China's popular NetEase Music. They have undoubtedly outdone themselves yet again with "Sayonara".

Japanese for goodbye, "Sayonara" has become the new summer anthem to "encourage people to move on from bad romance and negativity".

It's a closure to today's loss and an opening to a new tomorrow. Released through Universal Music, BEAUZ and Maggie Szabo teach us how to say it all in 3 different languages.

Listen to it here:


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