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Centineo Released a Bangin' Storyteller - 'Believe Again'

Tim Centineo aka ‘Centineo’ is a true all rounded artist. The New Jersey born and Florida native is a chart-topping DJ/producer and globally recognized singer/songwriter. In his 10 years of production, his uplifting and euphoric style had caught the attention of industry titans David Guetta, Hardwell etc.

However, at the end of 2018, we saw Centineo evolve from a DJ/producer to the artist where his music shifted from his already successful festival orientated music career to the now a musician going the direction of a well-executed storyteller.

His newest self-released single ‘Believe Again’, which Centineo has written, produced, and released, is the best example of his new persona. Centineo dedicated ‘Believe Again’ to his parents, where they supported his whole journey in his music career, and always believe in him. In his music video, you will see home videos of Tim’s childhood and his upbringing. His energetic beat is so mesmerizing that it gave us a chance to reflect on what our childhood self believed in.

Last year when COVID-19 hit, many musicians had doubts with their career choice and the entertainment industry was hit hard. A lot of them had given up on their dreams and picked up a “normal job” to survive. This year when the whole industry has revived, ‘Believe Again’ serves as a reminder to all artists out there, to believe in yourself again, and it’s time to embark on another journey on the unfinished path of the music world.

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