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Chico Rose Releases Hit Song "Sad" Featuring Afrojack

One of the best tracks of 2019 so far...

Spinnin Records Chico Rose has come to dominate the electronic music scene with a new song featuring Afrojack.

Titled "Sad", it pays a beautiful tribute to the late xxxtentacion who sadly passed away last year.

Speaking about the track, Afrojack said:

"Sad is that song to listen to no matter what mood you’re in. Forget about your worries and turn the music up."

You can listen below:

With a beautiful vocal topline accompanied by a stunning future house groove, the track is undoubtedly going to be a massive favorite amongst electronic music fans during the coming months.

With tasteful synths, beautiful vocals, and a world-class production, Chico Rose & Afrojack's version of "Sad" is certainly going to have you on the dancefloor within minutes.


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