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Chris Diaz & Fama Come At Tech House With A Different Edge In 'On Me'

Chris Diaz has been making steady progress in the tech house scene, gaining attention through his dedicated work and understanding of what energizes audiences. With over 200K streams on Spotify, Diaz’s journey from local performances to headlining major venues highlights his growing impact. His releases on Hood Politics and performances at various venues across the country have made him a rising name not to be skipped over.

Fama, a seasoned DJ with extensive event experience, is now gaining traction in the streaming world. "On Me" marks Fama's debut on Spotify, showing his talent both as a DJ and a producer. This track combines Diaz's rising momentum and Fama's expertise, creating a fresh sound that connects with listeners.

"On Me," released under S&S Sound House by Smith & Sorren, is a standout in tech house. The track features a smooth topline that draws listeners, paired with percussion that flows seamlessly, creating a compelling rhythm. Unique elements subtly weave through the track, ensuring it stands out on the dancefloor.

The collaboration between Diaz and Fama has been successful. Their track "On Me" is already gaining attention, promising a bright future with more hits and recognition for this pair.


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