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DLG. Drops His Second Installment Of EP Series '2 on 2'

Multi-talented artist DLG. has been gaining a ton of traction since launching his ground-breaking project, "2 on 2". The concept is centered around DLG. dropping two special tracks on the second day of each month. In March, his first EP for "2 on 2" was extremely catchy and uplifting, while boasting his singles "CLOSE ONE!" and "DROWN IN YOU". Returning for his second installment, DLG. is proud to present APRIL, which encompasses the new originals of "CALL ME SELFISH" and "BACKROADS".

Collaborating with Cristian jay on the EP, "CALL ME SELFISH" makes the listener feel like they are drifting away on a bed of clouds. It blends dreamy vocals and delicate sequences of guitar to forge a soothing aura. Meanwhile, "BACKROADS" is a bit more fast-paced and energetic. The indie anthem includes a lively beat with crisp snares, matching up perfectly with the lyrics.

Altogether, APRIL is the optimal follow-up to MARCH, carrying the torch for the EP series. Hearing each song just once, it is easy to understand why the LA-based DLG. has become such a cherished member of today's indie and alternative scenes. Get ready for May's continuation of "2 on 2", as it is certain to be just as mesmerizing.


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