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Egzod Showcases Flagship Bass Style In Brilliant Remix Of Layto's 'Five4three2one'

In a world of ephemeral hits, the depth and breadth of a song can sometimes be lost. But when someone like Egzod takes on the challenge of remixing a track like Layto's "Five4three2one", there's a promise of an elevating experience.

For the uninitiated, Egzod, a sonic traveler from Portugal to France and now thriving in the US, has painted the music world with a palette full of eclectic beats and rhythms. His impressive 600 million streams since 2017 stand not merely as an accolade, but as a mosaic of his diverse, vast influence.

What Egzod presents is not just a rejuvenated version of a beloved track, but a narrative. One of unity, transcendence, and the harmonious dance between nature and technology. Dive in, and let yourself be lost in a melody that bridges worlds and times, reminding us of the sheer power of music.


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