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Australian Duo Ekko & Sidetrack Elevate SACHI's Hit 'Wildfire' into a Drum & Bass Anthem

In the ever-growing space of global dance music, Australian duo Ekko & Sidetrack stand out for their distinctive approach to drum and bass, merging intricate melodies with robust basslines.

Ekko & Sidetrack have cultivated a unique sound, characterized by its emotive vocals and compelling instrumental compositions. This sonic identity has not only garnered them millions of streams and a dedicated monthly listenership exceeding 250,000 but has also facilitated collaborations with prestigious labels like Circus Records and Viper Recordings. Their prowess has been further acknowledged through performances alongside luminaries such as Sub Focus, Pendulum, and receiving accolades from Dimension and Friction.

The track "Wildfire," initially introduced by SACHI and celebrated for its energetic reception at live shows, has been reimagined by Ekko & Sidetrack. They've infused the song with a refined drum and bass arrangement, accentuating the powerful chorus and reinvigorating the track with a fresh sense of exhilaration.

As Ekko & Sidetrack gear up for a comprehensive European festival tour and a highly anticipated US tour, they continue to grow righteously in parallel to their relentless dedication and creative incline. Their ability to resonate with audiences worldwide while continuously pushing the boundaries of drum and bass positions them as pivotal figures in the genre's future.


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