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Elohim's Musical Evolution: 'Can't Remember Your Name' Showcases Her Story

Elohim, an artist synonymous with the fusion of raw emotion and electronic beats, is set to release her newest single "Can't Remember Your Name" on January 26th, 2024. This release follows the introspective "Broken Face" from December 2023. Beyond the captivating sounds, Elohim's latest work is a personal narrative, reflecting her recent struggles with anxiety and reliance on prescription medication during her challenging fall 2023 tour.

Elohim's battle with mental health is as compelling as it is concerning. Overwhelmed with severe anxiety and panic, she found herself increasingly dependent on medication, leading to significant weight loss, shaking, and vomiting. Something that is tough to hear - but there is a silver lining. Recognizing the gravity of her situation, Elohim's team intervened, putting her health first and cancelling the tour.

Elohim, on the music front, makes things look easy - she has a knack for effortlessly blending genres. "Can't Remember Your Name" showcases her talent in creating danceable tracks with heavy bass elements, all while maintaining the haunting beauty of her voice. The honesty in her lyrics, particularly the line “I take the drugs so my fears go away,” offers a glimpse into her vulnerabilities and the therapeutic nature of her songwriting.

With over 600 million streams globally, Elohim's impact on the music scene is incredible. Her collaborations with artists like Skrillex and Marshmello, and her performances at major festivals like Coachella and Electric Forest, show just how far she's come.

Elohim's story is one of resilience. Her willingness to share her mental health struggles through music not only empowers her but also resonates with fans worldwide. "Can't Remember Your Name" shows how far she's come and where she is going - a blend of personal growth and musical innovation, inviting listeners to experience her world of healing and artistic expression.


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