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Enkara And Tomatow Team Up For “On And On” Feat. Fatinka

Enkara And Tomatow have been steadily rising recently, both acts showcasing immense hit-making talent and production skills. Young Indonesia producer Tomatow started making music at the age of 16, and quickly gathered support from massive names such as Merk & Kremont, MorganJ, Martin Jensen and Steve Void. The latter’s label Strange Fruits even went on to release a couple of Tomatow remixes for the likes of Callum McBride and CCIITTYY, as well as Steve Void himself. Enkara on the other hand are a production duo from Indonesia, who have also had their fair share of achievements and excel at creating bright pop hits. 

Their latest joint collaboration “On And On”, featuring vocals by Fatinka is the perfect combination of both their styles. Smooth piano chords and ambient vocal chops support Fatinka seamless singing, while the instrumental slowly builds up into a radio-ready, pop-electronic anthem. 


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