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Feint's Decade-Long Journey Leads to Standout Track 'Treading Water' On Ophelia Records' Compilation

In the thriving Drum & Bass scene, Feint has stood tall for over a decade. His latest release, "Treading Water (feat. HYLIA)", included in the Advent - Drum & Bass compilation by Ophelia Records, reaffirms why he is so beloved within this genres culture and beyond.

In "Treading Water," Feint marries his production prowess with HYLIA's ethereal vocals. The track unfolds as a narrative of epic drum and bass unfolds, further solidifying his status within the industry. The single boasts to Feint's maticulous effort when crafting productions, further attesting to his position as a force to be reckoned with in the Drum & Bass scene.

From his early days in the Monstercat family to achieving 800,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Feint's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. The UK DJ/producer's reputation precedes him, with well over 100M collective streams, and performances at esteemed festivals such as Liquicity and Rampage.


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