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Folded Dragons voyages into K-Pop, with his new single ‘Up In The Air’

From Minnesota to South Korea, an unlikely collaboration set up by a mutual friend in a digital world.

Born and raised in suburban Minnesota, Folded Dragons has had music running through him since he was a kid. From the tender age of 6, he was already being classically trained on the Piano which would evolve into learning the Violin and later, the digital audio workstation.

Albert (as he is known to his friends) debuted his ‘Folded Dragons’ project in late 2017, with an incredible remix for the NBC featured songwriter Alaina Cross, later going on to release his first single ‘Second Guessing’ which would claim a place in Germany’s Top 50 music charts.

His new single ‘Up In The Air’ with K-Pop rising star Ian Kim is a beautiful work of art, featuring that sweet classical piano from his childhood. Blending that with bright synths that will immediately pull you into another world.

The premise of the song is about how one does not want to recognise that the person they love is moving further away, with all emotions being ‘Up In The Air’ and this is beautifully conveyed by the mesmerising voice of Ian Kim, who in his words describes the song as 'believing her heart is somewhere up in the air' a metaphor for uncertainty and the belief that one could grasp the love that once was.

Expect to hear a lot more from ‘Folded Dragons’ within the following months and if you weren’t a fan already, ‘Up In The Air’ is the perfect song to delve into the sound of K-Pop.


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